An invitation to journalists, writers, and researchers.

An invitation to journalists, writers, and researchers.

As Humanode continues to build, solidify, and implement its technology, and the Humanode community continues to expand, the Humanode Media Team is also preparing to take the next steps in our evolution. Our vision has always been one to help inform, educate, and share news about the Humanode development to our community.  And this vision is to continue, but also evolve as the community does.

In short, we will be

Currently, depending on the development cycle, the number of partnerships, announcements, and events, the Media Team publishes up to three pieces per day. However, as the community grows, the Media Team recognises that it is time to broaden our writers' pool and expand the topics we cover.  And if we want to ensure that we will be able to not only maintain our quality but to aim for even higher quality content, we can’t just wait until the last minute.  The time to start building the future of Humanode Media Core is now.

We will start by opening up to five slots per month (one to two slots per week) for invited journalists, writers, and researchers to publish with us.

Examples of topics that we are interested in publishing are:

  • Current topics that may (or may not) relate to the Humanode Community, such as regulations concerning crypto, Web3 trends and challenges that the projects face, research concerning crypto and blockchain in general and how Humanode fits in the picture (or not), and so on.
  • Technological topics that relate to trends and issues (or challenges) in blockchain in general (and how Humanode fits in the picture or not).
  • Topics and research concerning governance (such as DAO’s) and how Humanode fits in the picture or not.
  • Topics (and news) relating to Sybil-attacks/Sybil-resistance (and how Humanode could have fit in the picture or not).
  • Topics (and news) relating to trends and issues (or challenges) in utilizing biometrics in Blockchain/Web3/Services, and how or how not Humanode would fit in the picture.
  • Topics and in depth research that could pin-point issues that Humanode technology could assist in overcoming.
  • etc

Naturally, we will be reaching out to journalists, writers, and researchers that we believe have produced quality work and specialize in specific fields (and no, we will not be asking for work for free, as we will be asking for professional content), but we are also reaching out to professional journalists, writers, and researchers already in the community.

This is how it will work.

  • Journalists, writers, and researchers are to sign up on the following form and provide their name, preferred contact method, samples of or links to previous original work, and information concerning your specialty or focus. 
  • Once registered, you will be invited to the writers channel in Humanode Discord (you will need to be a “Verified Human (Gen3)” to join the channel.
  • Every first and third Friday of the month, we will be setting a deadline for a story pitch. 
  • Writers will be able to pitch a story in private to a Media Team member in writing or may set up a meeting with Media Team members to go over your pitch.
  • Out of the stories and research that is pitched to the Media team every 2 weeks, the media team will select 2 to 3 stories from the “pitch pool”, a deadline will be set, and upon agreement with the journalist, writer, or researcher, the story will be commissioned.
  • Once the story is submitted, and reviewed by the editor (and corrections made by the writer based on the review), the story will be published on and shared on the various Humanode media channels (naturally the piece will be published by name).
  • Once a story is published, the writer of the story will be included in the “Humanode Writers Pool”, and may be given priority when pitching stories, and may be directly commissioned to publish further stories and research.
  • Out of the pitches not accepted for publication for that 2 week cycle, pitches that were ranked high, but could not fit in the publication cycle, will be added to the “pitch pool”, and the writers will be notified.
  • The stories in the “pitch pool”, will automatically be entered into the next 2 pitch cycles, and may be selected at a later date.  (Such pitches may be brushed up and updated if the writer so desires)
  • As the writer pool grows, and the community grows, the slots allocated to the writer pool will also increase in numbers.


  • All work must be original and must be written by the writer.
  • The stories/research MUST be provided in English for our main publication.
  • All work will be done by name (as in the name of the writer, and contact information such as e-mail or Telegram will be printed along with the story).
  • The writer of the story will be fully responsible for the content, and Humanode will not be liable in case of legal action against the writer or content.
  • A.I. generated content will NOT be accepted.
  • If the quality of work is substandard, and cannot be improved after review, Humanode reserves the right to not publish the piece.
  • Concerning payment for the published work, Humanode will provide a contract to the writer of the story at the time of commission, and will not publish the material without written agreement or a signed contract.  Payment will be made within 2 weeks after the publication of the commissioned piece.
  • Humanode will provide information concerning Humanode terminology, and the writer will have access to information concerning technological details, goals, background information and philosophy.

We are looking forward to you joining the writers pool, and your insights!

Fill in this form to apply now: Join Humanode Writers Pool.