Announcing Humanode Testnet V2 — Shamshel

Announcing Humanode Testnet V2 — Shamshel

Much has happened since the launch of Humanode Testnet V1 “Sachiel”. Overall it was a success with:
• 7000+ testnet applications;
• 150+ participants interacted with liveness detection and faucet;
• Up to 100+ nodes connected at the same time for two months.

At first, we thought that we were going to just update the existing testnet but so many changes have been made that we decided to push for V2.

After months of iteration, today we’re pleased to announce that  Testnet V2 “Shamshel” and Humanode Desktop App will be released on 8th of December 2021.

With the rapid development from Humanode Core team, the Testnet V2 will have features such as:
• Forkless runtime upgrade
• Cutting-edge proof-of-human-existence protocol
• Aura consensus
• Able to support thousands of human nodes at any given time
• User-friendly UI to launch a human node locally or in the cloud

Participants will be able to become human nodes through a biometric enrollment process, validate blocks, send transactions, and participate in FaceTec's $100,000 anti-spoofing bounty programme.

As we are transitioning to the new testnet we are going to wipe the chain clean. For those who participated in “Sachiel” - don’t be worried your effort will be snapshotted, remembered, and, hopefully, appropriately rewarded.  For those who lost their mnemonics - you will be able to authorize anew.

All the applications for the V1 will be transferred to V2. Thank you once again for your patience.

"Thanks to the support and overwhelming response from the Humanode community, we’re pleased to take Humanode testnet to the next stage. We'll keep testing network capacity, Sybil resistance, liveness detection, and security on our testnet V2. Since we’ll be performing a lot of testing, expect the network to be down at times, especially when crossing the technological limits. However, the more people that engage and participate in the testnet, the stronger the system will become and the more rewarding it will be. Our goal is to become the most decentralized and active testnets built on Substrate."
― Humanode co-founder, Victor

How to Participate

Shamshel will support Linux, MacOS, and Windows, in combination with iOS and Android, and the hardware requirements to join the testnet will not be high.

Register here.

About Humanode

Humanode is the first cryptobiometric network where one human is equal to one node.

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