BotBasher Latest Version is Out!

BotBasher Latest Version is Out!

(April 19, 2023) The Humanode team is proud to announce that the initial Beta testing of BotBasher for Discord has been completed and that it has shipped a new beta release of BotBasher for Discord today!

BotBasher for Discord is an application that has been created utilizing the Humanode private biometric verification technology, allowing Discord users to verify that their account is owned by a unique living human being, and Discord servers to create Sybil-resistant channels, by limiting specified channels to verified human beings only.  As the BotBasher for Discord works alongside other popular Discord applications, the servers will be able to provide their users with Sybil-resistant voting (1 user, 1 vote), Sybil-resistant whitelisting, Sybil-resistant airdrops, NFT mints, and more!

As the technology behind the application is the Humanode crypto-biometric technology, the users are able to conduct private and secure uniqueness and liveness checks over anonymized data, without revealing any private information or fear of having their biometric data hacked.

As a note of caution, one user is only able to create one bio-authentication, meaning that the user can only tie one account to their physical identity, limiting their access to the BotBasher-enabled Sybil-resistant channels (or servers) to that verified account.

Once an account has been bio-authenticated and receives the role of a Verified Human, they will be able to utilize that verification for all servers that are BotBasher enabled.

To verify that a user is a unique living human being, or to link their role as a verified human, all  the user needs to do is:

  1. Click “Linked Roles” in the menu

2. Link your certification as a Verified Human

3. If you are not yet verified as a human, you will be asked to verify yourself by going through a quick face scan and liveness check.

4. Once completed, you will be verified as a unique living human being, get a role as a Verified Human, and the Sybil-resistant channels will become available.

The verification for BotBasher will be provided to the users for free for the foreseeable future, and further development of BotBasher for Discord will be ongoing, along with the future development of BotBasher for Telegram, and other SNS platforms.

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