BotBasher Update: Important announcement for Verified Humans and all users

BotBasher Update: Important announcement for Verified Humans and all users

Dear Verified Humans and all users of BotBasher,

We have an important announcement to share with you regarding the biometrics servers for BotBasher. A scheduled reset to the servers for Biometric AI upgrades + CVM improvements has happened, and the servers have been updated and reset.

This means that all of those who have had their Discord accounts verified as a human “backed” account via BotBasher, will once again be required to go through the 15 second validation process, tie your Biometric identification to your desired Discord account and regain your status as a Verified Human (or Verified Seilor, or whatever verification title/role you have).

It is important to note that during the reboot of the biometric servers, all encrypted biometric data has been wiped, and forever lost to the world in this process.  

For everything to work smoothly, the server administrator of your Discord will need to either create a new role for verified accounts or tweak the current role, so that you can tie your verified account to that role. Having said that, for those on the Humanode Discord server, you can go ahead and become a verified Human again as of now.

BotBasher Gen. 1 was utilized by 144 servers, verifying 221030 accounts. With Gen. 2, we anticipate even more engagement.

For your information, the BotBasher bio-authentication servers are periodically updated (once in 6 months) for 2 main reasons.  The first is that the AI and technology backing the bio-authentication and liveness detection is constantly being updated (at least once in 3 months for minor updates and once every 6 months for major updates).  By upgrading and rebooting the system, the verification engine becomes even more secure, even more resistant to attacks, and even more accurate.  Thus, please be prepared to walk through the biometric verification process once every 6 months.

The second reason is in compliance to different laws concerning data policy, and to make sure that we are up to date and 100% in compliance with the various laws around the globe.

We understand it may be a drag, but on the bright side, for those who tied your Verified Human tag to the wrong account in the past by mistake, this is your chance to make sure your biometric identity is tied to the correct account.

We thank you all for joining our resistance towards Sybil attacks and are looking forward to seeing you all as Verified human beings again!

The Humanode Core Team