Competitive developer initiative program

Competitive developer initiative program

Humanode Foundation is launching an 8-week competitive developer initiative program with the launch of EVM mainnet and onchain biomapping. Our focus lies in getting the most essential web3 dApps on the Humanode chain as well as in the adoption of a Sybil-resistant approach to web3 applications. Our differentiators are clear KPIs that are hard to trick and verified real humans as users instead of rogue emails or 0x addresses.


Humanode is the first crypto-biometric network, where each human is represented by one node. Rather than relying on PoW or PoS, Humanode’s foundation is built on Proof-Of-Uniqueness and Proof-of-Existence, ensuring that each validator is a distinct human entity. Based on Substrate, EVM-compatible.

Confidential facial recognition is not only responsible for checking validators participating in the consensus, but can also prove there is a unique human behind an EVM account.


1) Blockchain essentials
Any blockchain ecosystem requires a puzzle of decentralized primitives to become a new internet economy, from NFTs and gaming to DeFi and DAOs. Humanode needs them, too. If you already have a Dapp - you're welcome. If you'd like to fork - push the button, why create a bicycle from scratch? Necessity and users can become your focus. "Blockchain essentials" might be the track you were looking for. Humanode also needs fun and will more than welcome your games!

What's the difference then? Fees collected by the Humanode network are not going to the validators with the biggest stake or VCs/teams holding most of the token supply. Humanode network is a public good. All the network fees go to the treasury module which is then distributed equally among human nodes: regular people, cyber enthusiasts, and decentralization believers.

2) Sybil-resistance
There are over 200 EVM-compatible chains out there, striving for adoption, and the next killer app deployed on their tech. The question is: aren't you tired of DEX X launching on chain Y? Aren't you, our dear dev, fed up with competing with established players by making small optimisations? Faster, more secure language, more capital-efficient, more privacy, more transparency, more royalty fees to artists, less slippage, less MEV, fewer user fees, lower collateral requirements, another P2E game setting, another meme, better UX, better UI.

Bored? Approach new approaches, tackle untackled problems. Try "Sybil-resistance as a first principle" track of our dev program.

One person being able to have only one account in a Dapp can completely change the infrastructure and the mechanism design of your decentralized system.

Imagine a DAO which is not a plutarchy but a democracy, a meritocracy, or even a monarchy.

Imagine a game where you can have only one character who, when killed, dies forever.

Imagine a metaverse where every citizen can get his free piece of land.

Imagine a 10 000 piece NFT collection where one artist could only contribute one piece of art, and one collector could only mint one at the genesis.

Imagine a stablecoin that could insure all small retail holders against the depeg for a fraction of the treasury income.

Ok, here are more clear Sybil-resistant ideas:

  • A reward system based on non-linear distribution: quadratic reward system
  • Uncollateralized loan reputation system with biometric uniqueness and liveness
  • A marketplace with biometric anti-fraud system
  • A sybil-resistant game with player-based economy


This will be just the first round of the dev competition. Please, do not try to optimize, no one expects an ideally working product. However, people are striving for something they've never seen before. If you are able to get 1000 people to use a MS XP or SEGA style UI (hello, good old Curve), this is 1000 better than building a faster or cheaper version of the same product, even more so in crypto.

GET YOUR MVP OUT THERE! - we'll get you early adopters. Iterate fast. If it is good enough then we can get you into the incubation program to pitch in front of our 200+ vc network.

How to win?

For the first category, blockchain essentials, we'll calculate the amount of fees paid by the Dapp users to the network.
For Sybil-resistance track KPI is the number of unique humans who tried your application. Easy peasy. Very fair.

Where should I apply?

Humanode Dework - all applications are open, get early followers even before your MVP is out.
Once you’re on the mainnet  - your dapp will move to the “deployed on mainnet” section where you can see the current ranking of the dapps in terms of unique human users.

Where should I deploy?

Humanode EVM testnet + mainnet.

How do I know there is a unique human behind a web3 account?

Onchain biomapping smart contract. Coming soon.


From 30.08.2023 to 30.10.2023


Total - 400,000 HMND across 2 tracks.

200,000 HMND will be allocated to projects using Sybil-resistance to change the system mechanics:

- Winner - 100,000 HMND

- 2nd - 50,000 HMND

- 3rd - 25,000 HMND

- 4th-8th - 5,000 HMND

200,000 HMND will be allocated to projects deploying, forking and building must-haves on the Humanode EVM:

- Winner - 100,000 HMND

- 2nd - 50,000 HMND

- 3rd - 25,000 HMND

- 4th-8th - 5,000 HMND


30.08.2023 - 15.09.2023 will be a preparation period;

  • 1/3 of the prize pool awarded after 4 weeks (30.09), 15.09 - 30.09 is the first snapshot period;
  • 1/3 of the prize pool awarded after 6 weeks (15.10), 1.10 - 15.10 is the second snapshot period;
  • 1/3 of the prize pool awarded after 8 weeks (30.10), 16.10 - 30.10 is the third snapshot period;

For blockchain essentials track we will take the amount of network fees paid for the usage of the Dapp.

For Sybil-resistance track we will take the average number of humans interacting with a Dapp on a daily basis (DAU)  Humanode mainnet to calculate the winners of every period.

Any other rules?

It can be your old or new project, does not matter, but it has to be deployed on the Humanode mainnet.

  • Projects must cross the floor of 100 verified humans to be eligible for the prize.
  • Projects must have a UI and a website, even if it looks like it's from the Stone age.
  • Projects can choose to compete only in one track.

Any support?

1. Thirdweb support will help you with template contract deployment. Join their Discord

2. If you are serious about your app, and ready for a go-to-market phase, we can get you in touch with Thirdweb startup team, who will get on a personal call with you and create a chat with experienced Solidity devs.

3. During the program the devs will be able to put their Dapps to Humanode web3 engagement spaces, like Zealy, Galxe and release it across Humanode socials. This will give you a few hundred first users immediately.

4. After the 2 months the winners can apply for the Humanode Incubation program that will help with all the other aspects of the project. Our team is close to the top tier accelerators like Republic and Outlier Ventures, and a dozen launchpads.

We will be always there for you in Discord/devs to discuss your ideas!