Humanode and CodeX announce partnership enabling No-code Sybil-resistant DApp development

Humanode and CodeX announce partnership enabling No-code Sybil-resistant DApp development

Humanode, the first crypto-biometric network that provides true decentralization in Blockchain, is one of the most unique and promising Layer-1 technologies.  Built on the one human = one node = one vote principles, Humanode enables new and exciting models of Decentralized Finance, and provides Sybil-resistance to DApps, Web2, and 3 projects and platforms.

The Humanode project is very much centered around enabling developers to build Sybil-resistant DApps, and is excited to partner with CodeX, which will enable both non-tech builders and seasoned developers to build, deploy, and manage DApps utilizing No-Code, Plug-and-Drop, Screenshot-to-Code, and Low-Code Options on the Humanode Chain.

With more than 55k+ smart contracts deployed, 42k+ registered wallets, 117k+ generated traffic, and 1.9k+ daily active users, CodeX is fast becoming one of the most popular platforms to build DApps for non-tech and junior pro developers.  Built with cross-chain interoperability in mind, CodeX could provide the opportunity for those who have successful DApps on other chains or have envisioned projects to be built on the Humanode chain, contribute to the dawn of Sybil-resistant apps and services.

“Allowing developers to build and deploy DApps with ease on the Humanode chain, could be said to be the first step in this partnership”, says Humanode Co-Founder Victor.  “The next step will be to bring Biomapper, our application that utilizes our Crypto-biometric technology, enabling Sybil-resistant Airdrops and Whitelisting, unique user-only sign-ups for DApps and Play-to-earn games, new Sybil-resistant DeFi models, one person one vote DAO’s, along with ways for projects to provide fair and equal reward mechanisms, and more, to CodeX.  Biomapper is currently only available on the Humanode EVM chain but will become available to use in a wide range of chains through cross-chain messaging bridges in the near future. Once this happens, Biomapper can become one of the key Sybil-resistance features for CodeX users.”

The partnership between CodeX and Humanode, with no doubt, will set the stage for a new era in building and developing next-generation Sybil-resistant DApps, bringing endless possibilities for a safe, secure, and equitable Web3 landscape.

About CodeX

CodeX offers an all-in-one, no-code development platform empowering users to effortlessly create, deploy, and manage entire platforms—encompassing front-end, back-end, and smart contracts—without the need for extensive coding knowledge. With CodeX, building websites, apps, games, and more becomes a quick and seamless process, achievable in less than 5 minutes.

About Humanode

Humanode is the first cryptobiometric network that provides Sybil resistance to web3 projects using private facial recognition. It can prove that one person has only one address or one account in a certain context. With no KYC needed or personally identifiable information collected, the process takes around 1 minute. Humanode is an EVM-compatible Layer-1 based on one person = one node = one vote principle.