Humanode Community Sticker Contest Winners Announced

Humanode Community Sticker Contest Winners Announced

The die has been cast, and the votes are in! The community has spoken through the Sybil-Resistant One Human = One Vote voting utilizing the Humanode BotBasher!

A total of 175 stickers were submitted to the contest for the following categories.

1. A sticker that says: Welcome to Humanode!

2. A sticker that expresses how excited you are.

3. A sticker that says: Read the pinned messages!

4. A sticker that says: SCAM ALERT!

5. A sticker that says: Seriously?

6. A sticker that says: No Price Discussions!

7. A sticker that you feel represents the Humanode ideals or culture, or stickers that you feel the community needs for a proper sticker pack.

A total of 494 votes were cast for the first 6 categories, and the Humanode Core team, Community Managers, and Design Team selected 4 winners for the 7th category.

The winning stickers, along with a few stickers selected by the Humanode team, will be included in the Humanode Community Sticker Pack Vol. I and be shared with the Humanode Community.

And without further ado, here are the 10 stickers that have won $50 worth of HMND each!

Note - Winners can contact Princess Fiona - Humanode Community Manager on Discord to receive the prizes.

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