Humanode Conference 2023 - A Review

Humanode Conference 2023 - A Review

Picture walking into a library where every book contains profound wisdom about blockchain and decentralized technologies, and every reader is a passionate devotee of innovation. This isn’t a fictional utopia; it was the atmosphere at the Humanode Conference 2023. From the moment Dato, Humanode’s Co-founder, initiated the proceedings, it was clear that the attendees were part of something remarkable.

From intriguing lectures to interactive sessions, this conference offered a holistic overview of the innovations and dialogues taking place in Web3 in general and the Humanode ecosystem specifically. If you were not able to attend the conference, here’s a run down on the major events that took place:

Dato, the co-founder of  Humanode, kicked off the event, setting the stage for the enlightening sessions that followed.

Lectures and Panels

Early Stage Advisory & Incubation by Calvin Chu

An economist by formation and crypto enthusiast at heart, Calvin started his career in crypto at Binance back in 2018, then went on to create one of the biggest IDO platforms out there, Impossible Finance.

Calvin focused on the essentials of startup incubation and advisory, offering valuable insights for emerging businesses in the decentralized landscape.

DAO and Decentralization Approach in Gearbox Protocol by ivangbi

Ivangbi, a core contributor at Gearbox DAO, presented a compelling case for the integration of DAOs and decentralization in the Gearbox Protocol, illustrating the role of community governance in blockchain development.

Panel Discussion: Sybil Resistance

This panel, featuring Dato, Shannon, and special guests from Gitcoin, Galactica, Keleros, and Proof of Humanity, delved into the complexities of Sybil attacks and strategies for resistance.

BioDeFi by Sasha Shilina

Sasha Shilina, who is the lead researcher at Paradigm, took the audience through a journey on biometrics-based DeFi, providing insights into how it could revolutionize the decentralized financial sector.

Humanode EVM by Dmitry Lavrenov

Dmitry, popularly known as Dima within the team, and who serves as one of Humanode’s blockchain leads, shed light on Humanode's newest innovation—the Humanode EVM, designed in collaboration with lead core developer, MOZGIII. This lecture provided a comprehensive look into the EVM's architecture and its significance for Humanode's future.

After the Dust Settles: DeFi 23-24 by Alexander Bokhenek

Alexander Bokhenek, a philosopher and mathematician by training and a fervent blockchain enthusiast, serves as the Tech Lead at Republic Crypto and is the founder of Byzantine Solutions. In his engaging lecture, Alex examined the future landscape of decentralized finance for 2023 and 2024, sparking insightful discussions on DeFi adoption and its potential to reach mainstream status.

The New Financial Ecosystem and Crypto Assets in the Web3 Era by Kaimin Hu.

The final speaker of the conference was Kaimin Hu, the Chief Business Officer at BitMart and a Venture Partner at EMURGO Ventures, where he specializes in investing in Web3 startups and middleware companies that enhance Cardano's Web3 ecosystem. Kaimin provided a comprehensive analysis of the evolving financial systems in the Web3 era, emphasizing the growing significance of crypto assets. He offered attendees an integrated view of the market's current state and discussed projections for its next surge.

Apart from the thought-provoking discussions and talks, there were other interactive activities hosted at the Humanode conference.

One of the unique features of the Humanode Conference 2023 was the Hangout session with the Dev Team. Hosted on the Sybil-resistant Voice Chat channel on Humanode Discord, this session provided an invaluable opportunity for direct interactions with the core team, creating a sense of community and open dialogue.

The conference was not just about lectures; it also encouraged active participation from the community. Quiz sessions were held, with winners getting rewards worth $500 in HMND.

A particular "Reveal the Secret" campaign was another element of engagement at the conference with the winner receiving a unique OAT.

Summing Up

The Humanode Conference 2023 was a pivotal event that presented enlightening discussions and fostered a sense of community. As we anticipate the next gathering, the insights gained this year offer promising avenues for a decentralized, engaged, and innovative future.

If you were not able to make it to the conference, worry not. All lectures are available on YouTube, and the Humanode Discord channel remains a hub for ongoing discussion.