Humanode EVM Explorer now available on Subscan

Humanode EVM Explorer now available on Subscan

We are thrilled to announce the availability of Humanode’s EVM-related functionalities on Subscan. In addition to already being able to view and analyze Humanode chain data, users will also be able to utilize the following EVM-related features directly on Humanode’s Subscan.

EVM Features

  • EVM Transactions: Explore an organized display of both lists and detailed EVM transactions on the Humanode network. This feature allows users to gain clear and concise insights into transaction histories, statuses, and other relevant information, ensuring full transparency and accessibility. You can now sort transactions based on time and the block as well as view all the transaction data. Simply go to Humanode Subscan -> EVM -> Transactions section. Explore the EVM transaction section here.
  • ERC-20 Tokens: Within the ERC-20 Tokens section, you can now seamlessly view extensive lists and detailed data regarding ERC-20 tokens including contracts and transfers. This integration enhances transparency in token transactions and management, allowing efficient tracking and verification. You can use filters to find specific ERC-20 token-related details such as holders, transfers, the contract source code, and other info. View the ERC-20 Tokens section.  
  • Contracts: Delve into contract information and utilize advanced tools for reading, writing, and verifying the contract source code. Developers can now verify smart contracts confidently. With the verification of a contract, the source code becomes public, ensuring independent verifiability and fostering trust and transparency. It guarantees the correctness and security of contracts, ensuring they function as intended, and facilitates convenient interactions for other developers with your smart contracts. Examine Contracts dashboard and check out the cool features.
  • ERC-721 Contract Transactions and NFT Balance Data: Navigate next to the ERC-721 Contract Transactions and NFT Balance Data sections, allowing you a deep dive into NFT transfer details and account balance data, ensuring you are always up-to-date with the intricate details of NFT transactions and holdings. Explore ERC-721 Contract Transactions.
  • EVM accounts: For those keen to explore further, the EVM Accounts feature awaits, offering you a panoramic view into EVM accounts for enhanced oversight and management, ensuring seamless and effective operations within the robust Humanode ecosystem. You can view all the transactions, smart contracts, holdings, and transfers associated with any EVM account. Explore the EVM Accounts.
  • eHMND to HMND Bridging: Explore the internal bridging from eHMND (EVM) to HMND (native). This feature helps users to view currency swaps from HMND to eHMND and vice versa. You can explore currencySwap smart contract and transactions occurring through the contract. Explore the CurrencySwap contract.

These enhanced features on Subscan empower you to navigate the Humanode ecosystem with improved visibility and control. For instance, the EVM smart contract verification tool provides you with the assurance of the security and correctness of your contracts, boosting trust and transparency in the ecosystem. Verified contracts, with their source codes made public, confirm the absence of foul play and ensure that contracts function as intended.

Seize this opportunity to further engage with the Humanode ecosystem, optimizing your experience and making the most of the added functionalities.

About Subscan

Subscan is a high-precision Web3 explorer which can quickly support the Substrate ecological network. In addition to searching for Block, Extrinsic, Event, and Account, it provides a user-friendly interactive experience in Staking, EVM, Parachain, and other modules. We also provide customized services for unique functions.

About Humanode

Humanode is the first crypto-biometric network where One human = One node brings Sybil resistance to crypto using biometric technology. The project aims to create a strong and sustainable decentralized system that is grounded on the existence of unique human beings.