Humanode EVM Testnet "Israfel" Public Testnet is now Live!

Humanode EVM Testnet "Israfel" Public Testnet is now Live!

The long wait is over! The private tests for the Humanode EVM Testnet “Israfel” have been ongoing, and our dev team has been making adjustments every step of the way. Now it is time to take it to the next stage... Public Testing!

Everyone is now invited to join the fun and extremely important process of making sure everything works so that we can bring the EVM network live to Mainnet in the very near future! EVM will be deployed to Humanode Mainnet on August 14th - 20th, 2023, Open Testnet will keep running to spot and resolve issues.

To make sure that everything is in place and working smoothly before deploying to Mainnet, we need you to test the Humanode EVM as much as possible, and perhaps even try to build on it.

Here are the things that we need you to test out:

  • Bioautharization as always
  • The faucet that gives only native HMND that you later have to swap to eHMND Several swaps of tokens both ways transact from an HMND wallet to an eHMND wallet
  • Humanode node deployment with Testnet V "Israfel"
  • Metamask usage (Send eHMND between different EVM wallets)
  • Solidity and Vyper smart-contract deployment

Here are step-by-step guides and links that will help you to test the functionalities:

Other than checking the standard functionalities, It'd be impressive if you could launch any ready-made smart contracts or even a fork.

Thirdweb stands out as a developer-centric project, and they've incorporated our chain. Let your creativity flow and bring your ideas to life.

While this testnet isn't incentivized, remember what we said about our past testnets? You know the drill. 😉

Let's roll! ⚡️


Humanode Core