Humanode Mainnet is Live!

Humanode Mainnet is Live!

It’s Aliiivvvveee!

(Around the globe:Nov 15th 2022) Beginning as a dream in 2017, put in action by a small team of 5 in 2020, and 4 public testnets with over 10,000 unique participants starting 2021, Humanode has launched the first cryptobiometric blockchain network where one human = one node = one vote that brings Sybil resistance and innovative governance models to the crypto industry using biometric technology.

The Humanode network is a protocol that can prove one's unique identity through crypto biometric authentication granting permission to launch a node and verify transactions based on collective human existence.

Built as an EVM Compatible Substrate chain. The direct biometric service allows NFT projects, DAOs, GameFi, metaverse, and other Dapps to integrate and enable unique online identities. Humanode aims to be the most distributed and democratic layer 1 public permissionless network.

The project has been backed by Republic Capital, Shima Capital, Capital, Tribe Capital, Wintermute, Blizzard - Avalanche Ecosystem Fund, Genblock Capital, PolkaBridge Ventures, Baryon Capital, StaFi, and more, and has an increasing number of partners, including Avalanche, Aragon, Ink Finance, Ore Protocol, AIKON, FaceTec, Subsocial, Pokt, Supraoracles, Gitcoin, Paradigm Research, Republic Crypto and Proof-of-Humanity.

With the launch of its mainnet, Humanode is able to accelerate its integration into the various partner platforms and take its first steps in offering the Web 3 community a new layer of Sybil resistance and their users with the ease of use of biometric identity solutions that are secure and private.

Dato Kavazi, the co-founder of Humanode, says, “It’s like the moon landing for us. The Sybil-resistance of a blockchain has never before been provided purely by biometric verification of human existence. We are eager to see all the changes and benefits a system of truly equal nodes might bring to the field. Our grand vision is pretty simple: tens of millions of human nodes owning the network in an equal manner. Not mining equipment nor staking defines the power of your voice in the network. Your existence and your uniqueness as a human being is what matters.”

“I have been waiting for this moment since I was 12 years old. The structure of the financial system never seemed good or fair to me, and for all these years, I’ve been struggling to find the answer, first in the Economics of Happiness and then in crypto. Now it’s our turn to try to make a structural change in the global economy and power distribution,adds co-founder of Humanode, Victor.

The Humanode mainnet will launch with 100 unique validator nodes and plan to expand this to 1000 unique nodes within 2 weeks.  As the stability of the network is verified and the demand grows, the number of validators brought into the network will increase with the goal of reaching up to 1,000,000 unique validator nodes in 4 to 5 years.  Humanode aims to provide the first fully decentralized cryptobiometric Sybil resistance layer 1 protocol by 2026.

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