Humanode Partners with Analog for Cross-Chain Interoperability

Humanode Partners with Analog for Cross-Chain Interoperability

Humanode is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Analog, a Layer 0 blockchain known for its advanced cross-chain communication capabilities and innovative toolkits that simplify deploying decentralized applications (Dapps) and querying Web3 data across connected chains. This collaboration is a significant step towards achieving our shared goal of a secure, interconnected, and efficient Web3 ecosystem.

Analog offers a sophisticatedly simple platform designed to facilitate cross-chain communication for developers, creating a more interconnected blockchain landscape. Their General Message Passing (GMP) Protocol not only supports token transfers but also data sharing between DApps and enables smart contract interaction across supported blockchains. This helps overcome the limitations of isolated blockchain ecosystems.

By partnering with Analog, Dapps built on supported chains will benefit from Humanode’s crypto-biometric solutions, enabling Sybil resistance on their platform. It will also benefit Dapps built on Humanode, extending their reach to other supported chains.

The integration of Analog’s GMP will enable seamless data and token transfers to and from the Humanode chain. This allows Dapps on other chains to use Humanode’s private biometric verification for secure, Sybil-proof applications.

Key Features of Analog's Platform

  • Cross-Chain Value Transfer: Enables seamless token porting for Dapps, DEXs, and other applications to and from the Humanode chain.
  • Cross-Chain Communication: Allows data transfer, enabling Dapps to interact and communicate data between chains, not just tokens.
  • Smart Contract Interactions: Facilitates interaction between smart contracts on different chains, allowing Dapps on other chains to interact with Humanode's private biometric smart contracts.

This partnership is a significant advancement in our journey towards a more secure, interconnected, and efficient Web3 ecosystem. Analog is currently integrating with the Humanode testnet, with plans to launch its mainnet later this year. Together, Humanode and Analog are set to drive innovation and establish new standards in Web3. 

About Humanode

Humanode is the first cryptobiometric network where one human = one node = one vote that brings Sybil resistance to the crypto industry using private biometric technology.

Built as an EVM Compatible Layer-1 with a novel Proof-of-Uniqueness and Proof-of-Existence consensus mechanism, Humanode is the most decentralized blockchain to date. Private facial recognition protects against multiple accounts and bots taking advantage of retroactive airdrops, DAOs, DeFi, NFT mints, and GameFi. After just a year from mainnet launch, Humanode boasts 500,000+ users and 500+ projects utilizing its cryptobiometric tech.

About Analog

Analog is creating the building blocks for a multi-chain-verse, with its Layer-0 blockchain that powers cross-chain communication and toolkits for seamless deployment and querying of Web3 data from supported chains. Analog is at the forefront of addressing the pressing need for seamless interoperability among the multitude of siloed blockchains. Dedicated to bridging gaps and fostering true connectivity, Analog is reshaping how blockchains communicate and collaborate.