Humanode Partners with Nibiru to provide Sybil-resistance to Nibiru's ecosystem

Humanode Partners with Nibiru to provide Sybil-resistance to Nibiru's ecosystem

Humanode is joining forces with Nibiru Chain, a leading L1 blockchain and smart contract ecosystem celebrated for its high throughput and unparalleled security. Humanode will be providing Sybil resistance to the Nibiru ecosystem to enhance the security infrastructure of dApps and ecosystem partners on the Nibiru network. By leveraging Humanode’s cryptobiometric technology, projects developed on Nibiru can cultivate a secure and equitable environment conducive to a wide range of activities, including voting, governance, reward distribution, and engagement activities.

At the heart of this partnership is a mutual dedication to countering Sybil attacks, a prevalent issue where an individual or group creates multiple identities to manipulate or undermine a system. Humanode's approach to this problem involves linking each account or address to a unique individual, effectively preventing fraudulent activities without the need for KYC procedures or the collection of personal data. This method is expected to greatly improve the democratic and fraud-resistant aspects of Nibiru’s infrastructure, making it a more secure and trustworthy environment for all users.

A key feature of our collaboration is BotBasher, a Humanode-developed Discord integration to verify the uniqueness of each Discord account holder. It links one Discord account to one human, ensuring authenticity. Already compatible across platforms like Galxe, Zealy, TaskOn, and QuestN, with over 270 K+ verified users on 300+ servers. BotBasher is considered a go-to option against malicious bots and multi-account holders. By integrating, BotBasher Nibiru ecosystem partners can ensure a fair and secure community.

In addition to BotBasher, we are exploring the possibilities of enabling on-chain private biometric verification through Biomapper. With this advancement dApps within the Nibiru ecosystem will be able to embed Sybil resistance directly into their operations, marking a significant step forward in the quest for a more secure, transparent, and fair blockchain environment.

Through this partnership, both entities aim to provide the foundation for a range of secure and fair decentralized applications. Humanode and Nibiru Chain also plan to cohost exclusive campaigns to communicate the collaboration’s benefits and support developers and users in creating Sybil resistant environments.

About Nibiru

Nibiru Chain is a breakthrough L1 blockchain and smart contract ecosystem sporting superior throughput and unparalleled security. Nibiru aims to be the most developer-friendly and user-friendly smart contract ecosystem, leading the charge toward mainstream Web3 adoption by innovating at each layer of the stack: dApp development, infra, consensus, a comprehensive dev toolkit, and value accrual.

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About Humanode

Humanode is the first crypto-biometric network that provides Sybil resistance to Web3 projects using private facial recognition. It can prove that one person has only one address or one account in a certain context. With no KYC needed or personally identifiable information collected, the process takes around 1 minute. Humanode is an EVM-compatible Layer-1 based on one person = one node = one vote principle.

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