Humanode partners with ORE ID

Humanode partners with ORE ID

Over the past half a year we have published a dozen articles on potential use cases of Humanode. Today we are beginning to realize this potential with one of our long-term partners - AIKON.

AIKON provides companies and developers with an SDK that combines:

  • secure web3 login experience without the need to mess with private keys, ORE ID;
  • chain-level mutisig; - cross-chain digital asset and NFT management;
  • digital wallet insurance;
  • support of Ethereum, Algorand, EOS and Polkadot with more blockchains being integrated.

From the get-go, we understood that there was a need for a biometric identity solution that supports Sybil-resistance, but the need was far greater than expected, with multiple integrations already close to completion. Fortunately our biometric solution is production-ready, although we are still months away from mainnet launch.

The partnership with AIKON was a no-brainer after the first 15 minutes of our intro call with their CEO, Marc Blinder. He just showed us what the login page used by AIKON’s clients looks like and added: “We want to see Humanode biometric authentication as a sign-on option alongside Google or Facebook accounts.”

That is how both projects started the integration of Humanode into ORE ID, a universal authentication & authorization platform for blockchain. This means that any company building on top will be able to utilize a biometric sign-on option for their users.

AIKON already serves with well-known Republic. Everyrealm is controlling digital land ownership through the platform. Redfox Labs are building the Metaverse, and numerous DAOs get adopted to AIKON's solution. From now on they will be able to allow the use of Humanode with a few lines of code.

Your question might be: what are the benefits of using Humanode?  There are three main benefits for the user.

  • Improved UI/UX - no need to create or link a 3rd party account like Google or Facebook;
  • No personally identifiable information needs to be shared;
  • The security that biometrics and liveness detection in particular bring makes sure that it is really you using the account and not somebody else.

Of course, providing the users these three benefits are also in the best interest of the projects building on ORE ID. However, the main win-win here is the Sybil-resistance that biometric identification provides. If every participant of a DAO or a Metaverse signed on with Humanode, the project can be sure that there are no duplicate identities, bots, or multi-accounts.

For those who want to integrate biometrics into their ORE ID Dapp, please contact

About ORE ID
Created by AIKON and built on the ORE Network, ORE ID is a single sign-on identification platform that works cross-chain. With ORE ID, users of your web or mobile app easily create an on-chain account upon first sign-in. Their private key is encrypted with a PIN of their choosing and stored for them — so your users never have to remember their blockchain accounts or keys. ORE ID removes the friction between your app and your future users.

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About Humanode
Humanode is the first crypto-biometric network where One human = One node that brings Sybil resistance and innovative governance models to the crypto industry using biometric technology.

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