Focus on Humanode: A Unique Photo Contest for the Creative Minds

Focus on Humanode: A Unique Photo Contest for the Creative Minds

Dear Humanode artists!

As Humanode gets ready to launch into the stratosphere and beyond, the team would like to challenge the community with a creative photography contest to spread the name of Humanode far and wide!

The Humanode team knows that we have quite a few creative artists in the community, and suspect that there are a lot of hidden tigers and dragons that are waiting for the opportunity to pounce into action.  We also suspect that there are many creative souls out there who have yet to find the chance to shine.  

Some can code, some can draw, some can sing, and some are poetic, but not everyone has those talents (Personally speaking, I still feel sorry for my Music teacher from way back when… her ears will probably never recover after attempting to teach me).  But what about photography?  Even if you don’t own a camera, almost everyone has a mobile phone with a camera.  Almost everyone can shoot a photo.  Thus, the Humanode Photography Contest!

To make things challenging and to draw out your creativity, we have a special theme for this contest.  We want you to spell HUMANODE with 8 photos, and combine the 8 photos into one picture (a collage) that spells Humanode.

We don’t care what you use, or how you express the letters, as long as the completed collage spells Humanode.  Let your imagination run wild!  You can paint the letters, take photos of the paintings and combine them, you could spell the letters on your father’s forehead using lipstick, you can run around town taking pictures of letters on billboards, or you can even use gymnasts to spell HUMANODE using their bodies, take a photo of each letter, and combine the photos to spell Humanode.  Let your imagination run wild, and share your HUMANODE collage with the world to proclaim the arrival of the age of cryptobiometrics and the beauty of a world of uniqueness that comes together as one!

Below is a sample of what we are talking about. (One of our team members took a stroll looking for letters to spell humanode, but remember, you are not limited to this.  Really, let your imagination run wild!)


8 Photos…

To spell HUMANODE!

How to be eligible for the $500 prize pool:

1- Share this article on Twitter

2- Post your H-U-M-A-N-O-D-E photo collage on Twitter with Hashtags: #Humanode #HumanodePhotoContest.  Also, post the 8 photos used to create the collage as a thread attached to your main post.

3- Once posted, go to the #photography channel in the Humanode Discord server and post the link to the Twitter post and write a little bit about the concept behind your photo or about what was challenging about the project. (

All submissions must be made by Apr 3, 2023.

The voting for the 4 winners (1 Gold, 1 Silver, and 2 Bronze expected) will commence on April 5th in the Sybil Resistant Polls channel in the Humanode Discord server for verified humans.

Please note that in the case of a tie, there may be a second round of voting to determine the winners, and if the 2nd round of voting is inconclusive, the 3rd round will be held by the Humanode Core team to decide the victors.

The prize pool is $500, and the expected payout is $300 for the Gold, $100 for the Silver, and $50 each for the Bronze winners, but the final amount may differ depending on the outcome.  (Example: 1 Gold, 2 Silvers, 1 Bronze = Gold $300, Silver $75 each, Bronze $50)

RULES: Photos MUST be original work, must not violate copyright laws, must not violate privacy laws, and must not abuse any human or animal rights. Participants must submit the final collage AND the 8 photos that compose the collage (In the case that there is a tie, the strength of the individual 8 photos may become the deciding factor between a win or a loss).

*DISCLAIMER: Beyond the competition prize, no additional compensation will be provided for the continued use of the photograph for various campaigns, commercialization, or marketing campaigns, and the winner agrees that s/he will relinquish the commercial rights to Humanode core team for copyright, trademark, promotional use, and other uses as deemed necessary by Humanode. Having said that, the photographer will ALWAYS be credited for the photo, as the actual photographer is the creator of this masterpiece, and Humanode will not restrict the photographer’s right to use, post, sell, share, or display the submitted image.