Humanode Short Story Contest

Humanode Short Story Contest

Dear aspiring writers!

The Humanode team has decided that it is time for a writing contest!  But this is no regular writing contest. We task you to write a fictional short story based on inspiration you may have (or may not have) gained from reading about Vortex, Cognitocracy, or Humanode technology in governance.

As mentioned above, the task is to write a short story (minimum 1500 words).  As Vortex has yet to be fully implemented, we encourage you to write a fictional story.  As long as it is inspired by Vortex, Cognitocracy, or the use of Humanode technology in governance, it could be set as a story that may happen in the future, it could be based on alternate historical events in which the Vortex exists, it could be about a day in the life of a Humanode Governor, it could be of a fictional team working on a project trying to get vote approval, it could be a love story, it could be of a potential failure of the Vortex, it could be about hackers trying to gain control, it could be about the attack of the bots and or AI, it could be anything you imagine, given that it is based on the given theme.

There is no need to write a full novel, just a short story that is generated by you.  ChatGPT and other AI-generated stories are not accepted.  We want to see what our community members can come up with.  Prizes and glory await the winners!  But even if you do not end up winning a prize, if your work is good, there is a high chance that you will also be invited to participate in the Humanode Writer’s Pool as a regular contributor!

Information on the Vortex can be found here:

Vortex 1.0 (Whitepaper):

Vortex 101:,

Short story contest theme: A fictional short story based on Vortex, Cognitocracy, or Humanode technology in governance.

Genre: Fiction

Length of short story: Minimum 1500 words.  

When:  May 28th, 2024 to Jun 10, 2024

How to submit:  Write your story on Google Docs, and submit your Humanode discord name that we can contact you at, and the link to your short story to: 


  • Gold: $500 (worth of HMND) 
  • Silver: $300  (worth of HMND)
  • Bronze: $150  (worth of HMND)
  • Special prize: $50  (worth of HMND)

Stories that win prizes will be shared with the community, and the Gold winner will have his/her story published on the Humanode blog with artwork from our design team, and links to the story shared on twitter, etc.


  1. Must be original work that you have copyrights to
  2. Must be in English
  3. AI-generated stories are not accepted
  4. If there are fewer than 10 entries, the contest may be canceled.