Announcing Humanode Got Talent 2024

Announcing Humanode Got Talent 2024

Dear Human nodes, community members, and friends!

One of the most popular and successful campaigns for the Humanode Community has been Humanode’s Got Talent, and there have been countless calls to hold another to prove that Humanode’s have really Got Talent beyond what we have seen so far.

We have 20x to 100x more community members, countless more partner communities, and as we have seen over the past year and a half, countless more talents.

Thus, we hereby announce the commencement of Humanode’s Got Talent 2024!

It is now time to show off what you’ve got!  Can you paint?  Show us!  Can you write poems?  Recite them!  Can you sing?  Let us hear!  Can you write songs, play a musical instrument, dance, act, perform magic tricks, or create miracles?  Perform them for us!  Express yourself!  Show off!  Show the world that you’ve got talent!

Whatever talent you’ve got, we want to see it!  All talents are accepted!  However, there is one condition that you’ve got to keep in mind.  We need you to apply your talent to something related to Humanode.  Express Humanode through your talent.  How you express Humanode is up to you.  The more creative, the better.

How to join? 

Create a video to demonstrate your act then upload it on YouTube. Tweet the link on Twitter as a single tweet and tag @humanode_io with hashtag #humanodesgottalent then share the link to humanodes-got-talent channel on Discord starting Jan 16th - Feb 13th, 2022 (11:59 PM UTC).


7 winners will earn rewards from the 2,000 USD prize pool. (note: paid out in HMND) 

The top 3:

  • 1st prize - 1000 USD 
  • 2nd prize - 500 USD
  • 3rd prize - 300 USD

Special mentions:

  • The funniest prize - 50 USD
  • The biggest surprise prize - 50 USD
  • The cutest prize - 50 USD
  • The most memorable prize - 50 USD


  • We will be considering any form of act.
  • One entry per performer (may be individual or group) 
  • Tweet your entry on Twitter with #humanodesgottalent and tag @humanode_io 
  • Post a link to a tweet to the Discord humanodes-got-talent channel 
  • Submissions are open until February 13th, 2024 (11:59 PM UTC) 
  • Judging criteria based on overall performance, originality, creativity, effort, and concept of Humanode values.
  • Only original work is accepted. 
  • Humanode has the right to delete inappropriate content without any explanation.