Hybrid partners with Humanode for Sybil-resistant airdrops

Hybrid partners with Humanode for Sybil-resistant airdrops

Humanode is delighted to announce our partnership with Hybrid – a low-cost, AI focused secure EVM-compatible Layer 1 network with its native machine learning model Atlas. Humanode will provide Sybil resistance to the Hybrid ecosystem through its private cryptobiometric verification.

At the heart of this partnership is a mutual dedication to countering Sybil attacks, a prevalent issue where an individual or group creates multiple identities to manipulate or undermine key activities including airdrops, whitelisting, voting, and more. Humanode's approach to this problem involves linking each account or address to a unique individual, effectively preventing fraudulent activities without the need for KYC procedures or the collection of personal data.

As an initial usecase, Hybrid is using BotBasher verified role as a task in their Galxe campaign, which plays a major role in allocating airdrop spots to the Hybrid community members. BotBasher is a Discord integration that verifies the uniqueness and liveness of each Discord account holder. It links one Discord account to one human, ensuring authenticity. Already compatible across platforms like Galxe, Zealy, TaskOn, and QuestN, with over 270 K+ verified users on 400+ servers. BotBasher is considered a go-to option against malicious bots and multi-account holders. 

BotBasher verified role will play a big part in the Hybrid point campaign. Hybrid plans to award extra tokens to those who gets the BotBasher assigned Verified Human role to make sure real humans get the real rewards.

Participate in Hybrid’s Galxe campaign here.

​​By allocating extra points to the verified Humans in its Galxe campaign, this collaboration reflects a shared commitment by Humanode and Hybrid to create a secure, transparent, and engaging Web3 world.

Here’s how you can get the “Verified Human” role in Humanode’s Discord:

1. In the Humanode Discord, navigate to the server name and click “Linked Roles.”

2. Select the “Verified Human (Gen 3)” role. 

3. Follow the on-screen instructions for verification (remember, only one Discord account per person can be linked, and this link is irreversible until a scheduled BotBasher server is reset).

4. After successful verification, the "Verified Human" role is automatically assigned.

We eagerly anticipate the positive impacts this partnership will bring to our communities and the broader blockchain ecosystem. Join us on this exciting journey, and take your spot among the Verified Humans shaping the future of Hybrid network.

About Hybrid

Hybrid stands out as a low-cost, secure, EVM-compatible Layer 1 network. Its innovative approach, powered by the Atlas machine learning model, places it at the forefront of blockchain technology, offering unique solutions for a wide range of applications.

About Humanode

Humanode is the first crypto-biometric network that provides Sybil resistance to Web3 projects using private facial recognition. It can prove that one person has only one address or one account in a certain context. With no KYC needed or personally identifiable information collected, the process takes around 1 minute.

BotBasher, a Discord integration by Humanode, connects a Discord account to a verified human identity using confidential facial recognition. Users can verify one account to prove their unique identity. It is natively compatible with Galxe, Zealy, and QuestN.