Join the naming contest to win a total of $1000 worth of HMND!

Join the naming contest to win a total of $1000 worth of HMND!

It is time to name the baby.  As you most likely all know by now, Humanode is getting ready to give birth to its next step in evolution. Private On-chain Biomapping(POB), otherwise known as "On-chain Sybil resistance Checks for EVM ". Read more about it here.

At its infancy, it will allow developers to query the Humanode chain directly to authorize user sign-ups without needing to access the biometric data itself.  The next stage will involve bridges that will allow other chains to utilize the POB Identifiers on the Humanode chain for their DApps, services, or transactions, even if they just want to use it to assure Sybil resistance.  Furthermore, as the POB will be utilized in smart contracts, smart contracts can be coded to be authorized using the users' biometrics, reducing the potential for fraud or misrepresentation.

We envision the arrival of a future with advances in  DeFi, Web3 services, and more, through the utilization of this “baby”.  We know the path it will take in order to grow, we also know that it will soon grow to be one of the cores of Humanode.  The only problem is, we need to give it a name.

As any parent, this is something that gives you as much joy, as it gives you headaches.  We want to name it in a way that will give it hope, give it confidence, will tell people who it is and what it represents, to give it a name that is remembered, and is loved by all.

So, like many young parents, we are reaching out to the Humanode family and friends for ideas.  After all, we can’t just keep calling it the “Humanode Private On-chain Biomapping” or our development code name “Humanode ID”, nor can we just keep calling it the baby.

Thus the “Humanode Private On-chain Biomapping” naming contest.

We would like to ask you all to reply to the “naming contest” post on twitter, with the name that you feel will be able to represent, and grow with the Humanode “POB” solution.

Imagine one or two years down the line, and one developer asks another, “We are going to make sure that our super ultra DApp that we are to develop is (baby’s name) compatible right?”.  Or one user is making sure that the service utilizes (name) before the user decides to sign up with it, or asks his father “You HAVE a (name) verification set up right!?”.

The POB will evolve.  That is a fact.  So, once again, with that in mind, try to think of a name that is cool, accessible, memorable, likable, catchy, respectable, and totally new.

The top 10 names that are selected by the Humanode team will each win $50 worth of HMND.  The “Godfather” or “Godmother” whose name is chosen for the “baby”, will win $500 worth of HMND.

The Rules:

  1. Do not submit trademarked names.  As in, we can’t name the baby Apple, Google, Meta, Micky Mouse, Batman, Goofy, The Joker, Butt-head, etc.
  2. Do not submit names that are immature or represent derogatory terms. As in SeXYgurl69 or RustyT are no goes.
  3. Cool, accessable, rememberable, likable, catchy, respectable, and totally new names are the best.
  4. A name that you can tie to the purpose of being a Private On-chain Biomapping system would be ideal.
  5. Submit the name by liking, reposting, and replying to the contest announcement on twitter. ( )
  6. All submissions must be made by July 31st, 2023 (24:00 UTC).
  7. Out of the names submitted, 10 will be selected to be the top contenders.  6 of them will be selected by the community through Sybil-resistant voting in the Sybil-resistant contest voting channel in the Humanode Discord Server, (remember that you need to become a verified human to vote, or see the channel for that matter).  4 will be selected by the core team. (1 by the co-founders, 1 by the engineering team, 1 by the media and marketing team, and one by our community managers)
  8. The final winner will be chosen by the Humanode core team (the parents of this baby), and will be announced to the world!