Join Mantle's Onchain Zealy Quests – made Sybil-resistant with Humanode BotBasher

Join Mantle's Onchain Zealy Quests – made Sybil-resistant with Humanode BotBasher

In an online world filled with Sybil attackers and bots, BotBasher is the tool you can rely on to make sure users joining your community are real human beings. BotBasher ensures that Discord communities are made up of real, verified humans and not bots or fake accounts. It is already integrated by 200+ servers and has verified a whopping 240,000+ users!

Recognizing BotBasher’s unique feature to make Discord communities safer and Sybil-resistant, Mantle Network, ranked in the top 40 on Coinmarketcap, has adopted BotBasher for onchain quests, ensuring that one person equals one participation in the quests. This not only promises a bot-free environment but also paves the way for more responsible and engaging discussions among community members.

For those of you who don’t know about Mantle, it’s a Layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution. Its modular architecture using Optimistic rollups is a benchmark for cost-effective, efficient Ethereum transactions, setting the stage for an array of decentralized applications.

To encourage community members to get a verified role on Mantle’s Discord server, potentially using it for XP Sybil-resistance they have launched Zealy quests using BotBasher. This particular task on Zealy is only accessible once you get a verified ‘Human’ role on Mantle’s discord server.

Wondering How to get a verified ‘Human’ role? Here’s your guide:

1. Join Mantle’s Discord server.

2. Go to the server options and click on "Linked Roles".

3. You'll see the specified roles on the next screen, select ‘Human’

4. Click on ‘Humanode BotBasher’ and connect the account that you want to verify.
Note: Make sure you choose the correct account because you can only verify one account and it can’t be changed.

5. Go through a 15-second verification process, to verify that you are a unique living human being.

6. Follow instructions. Upon successful verification, go back to Discord and click ‘Finish’.

That's it! Now you know how to get verified and join the Zealy Quest. Enjoy your time in a community where everyone is verified to be human!

Wrapping Up

BotBasher’s integration into Mantle Network’s Discord server is a step forward in Humaode's journey to make Discord secure one step at a time. It takes Sybil-Resistance to a whole new level while providing actual human users a level playing ground to participate in community quests, contests, decision-making, and more.

The Humanode team is excited to be part of this transformative journey.