Open Letter to Neuralink from Humanode

Dear Neuralink,

My name is Dato Kavazi, a founder of Humanode ( ), a crypto-biometric blockchain network where one human = one node.  

We have followed your projects with deep interest, as we believe one of our next big steps will involve BCIs, we would like to propose a joint research project that is tied into your proof of concept research using pigs with working BCI’s.

But first, I would like to give you a quick overview of what we do.

Humanode is the first crypto-biometric network where one human = one node. Instead of PoW or PoS, Humanode is built on Proof-Of-Uniqueness and Proof-of-Existence of human beings. To deploy a node a validator must go through private biometric authentication that verifies his uniqueness and existence through computer vision. It is a public permissionless financial network based on consensus between human nodes who share the fees and ownership of the network in an equal manner.

As our system is a layer-1 technology, our crypto-biometric scheme powers not only validators but any other services and layers who are willing to integrate private decentralized biometrics seamlessly.  

Some facts:

  • Mainnet deployed Nov, 2022, zero outages.
  • Nakomoto coefficient  ~150
  • Human nodes ~300
  • Verified unique humans ~220 000
  • Average biometric session time 6.5 sec

Our proposed joint research project is as follows:

Based on the data that is generated from the piggies, we believe we would be able to convert it to liveness data that would prove that pigs are alive and allow them to become validators in the network.

Proof-of-Pig (PoP) might become a great research space and testnet before implementing the same tech on human beings on the Humanode network.  Piggies might actually gain a lot from this as if they become a pig-node any transaction that goes through the system will pay them a small commission.

We hope that this letter reaches you in good faith. If there is interest in such joint projects, we would be happy to sign a mutual NDA, and provide more information concerning our project in order to further discuss the possibilities.


Humanode team

Dato Kavazi