Reflecting on 2023: A milestone year in Humanode's journey

Reflecting on 2023: A milestone year in Humanode's journey

As the curtain falls on 2023, it's time to reflect on a year that has been nothing short of transformative for Humanode. 2023 was a pivotal year for Humanode, marked by significant achievements and technological advancements. 

The core of these developments centered around enhancing Humanode's security and usability. Key among these was the launch and integration of BotBasher, a Discord tool designed to combat the issues of Sybils including bots and multi-account usage. BotBasher, leveraging Humanode's cryptobiometric technology, offered a novel solution to ensure real human presence in digital interactions.

Alongside BotBasher, the deployment of the Humanode EVM on Mainnet was another major milestone. This crucial step not only broadened the scope of the Humanode chain but also facilitated seamless integrations and partnerships, expanding the ecosystem's reach and utility.

These advancements reflect Humanode's commitment to building an environment that is both secure and accessible, aligning with our broader vision of creating a user-centric and decentralized digital world.

From technological enhancements that strengthened the platform to community-driven initiatives that emphasized user involvement, each step we took in 2023 contributed to advancing the goal of a more secure, private, and inclusive Web3 space.Let's begin our exploration by focusing on one of the standout developments of the year – BotBasher, which has been instrumental in fighting Sybils on Discord.

BotBasher - Revolutionizing Discord with Cryptobiometric Technology

2023 saw the launch of BotBasher by Humanode, a tool integrated into Discord to address the challenges of Sybil attacks via bots and multi-accounts. BotBasher uses Humanode's cryptobiometric technology to verify the real human presence behind Discord accounts, aiming to improve the authenticity of online interactions.

Widespread Adoption and User Verification

BotBasher was adopted by over 300 Discord servers in 2023, and this integration led to the verification of more than 270,000 users since its inception in April. The widespread adoption indicates the need for secure and reliable user verification processes in online platforms.

Impact on Discord Communities

Beyond user verification, BotBasher's integration impacted how communities engage on Discord, especially on Web3 projects and engagement platforms like TaskOn, Galxe, Zealy, Bonus Block,, Wonderverse, and QuestN. The tool enabled features such as one-user-one-vote systems, effective whitelisting, airdrops, and secure NFT mints. These features were essential in ensuring fair participation and engagement within these communities.

Expanding the Humanode Ecosystem

With the remarkable success of BotBasher in enhancing online authenticity, the expansion of the Humanode chain presented a fascinating chapter in this year's story.A significant development in the Humanode ecosystem in 2023 was the deployment of the Humanode EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) on Mainnet. This deployment was a critical step in enhancing the capabilities of the Humanode chain, allowing for greater flexibility and wider adoption. The EVM compatibility meant that developers could now deploy and execute smart contracts on the Humanode chain, leveraging unique features of the Humanode technology.

Key Integrations and Deployments

  1. Impossible Finance and OccamFi's DEXs on Humanode: Following the EVM launch, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like Impossible Finance and OccamFi took the opportunity to deploy their platforms on the Humanode chain. This integration brought new liquidity and trading options to the Humanode ecosystem.
  2. Chainport Bridge and Asset Transfer Capabilities: Chainport developed a bridge for the Humanode chain, facilitating asset transfers to and from 18 different blockchain networks. This development was significant as it enabled the integration of USDC on the Humanode chain, broadening its appeal and utility.
  3. Introduction of Subscan's Humanode Explorer and Subquery's Integration: Subscan released the Humanode Explorer, a tool for tracking on-chain transactions, including those on the EVM version of the Humanode chain. Additionally, Subquery's integration with Humanode opened up possibilities for developers to query on-chain data efficiently.
  4. Cointool, Geckoterminal, CLV Wallet, and Coin98 Wallet Integrations: Cointool's deployment on the Humanode EVM brought various blockchain functionalities like batch transfers and token creation. Geckoterminal’s integration enhanced the monitoring and analysis of token pools. CLV Wallet and Coin98 wallet integrations facilitated the management of HMND tokens and enabled eHMND token transactions.

Meme Coins and Innovation

  1. Launch of HPEPE and WOOF Meme Coins: The Humanode chain saw the introduction of its first meme coins, HPEPE and WOOF, adding a new dimension to its ecosystem.
  2. The success of Woofy's IDO: Woofy's Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on the Humanode chain, aided by Cointool, was a noteworthy event. The success of this IDO not only demonstrated the viability of the Humanode chain for such offerings but also indicated the growing interest and participation in the ecosystem.
  3. Development of Humanode Casino: This is the first GameFi project that is being built on the Humanode chain.

Technological Advancements in 2023

The expansion of the Humanode ecosystem is just one aspect of 2023's achievements. Equally important are the technological advancements that have fortified the platform and prepared it for future challenges.

Humanode EVM Deployment

The deployment of the Humanode EVM on Mainnet was a crucial development in 2023. This launch allowed for broader utility and adaptability of the Humanode chain, enabling developers to build and deploy EVM-compatible smart contracts. The Mainnet deployment significantly expanded the reach and potential of the Humanode ecosystem, allowing for more complex applications and integrations, thus marking an important milestone in the platform's growth.

Confidential Virtual Machines (CVMs)

In 2023, Humanode also made considerable strides in enhancing its Confidential Virtual Machines (CVMs). These improvements focused on strengthening the security and efficiency of biometric data processing and storage. By upgrading the CVMs, Humanode ensured more secure handling of sensitive biometric data for maintaining user privacy and trust in the platform's cryptobiometric technology.

Private Biometric Technology

The private biometric technology used by Humanode saw notable improvements in 2023, particularly in liveness detection capabilities. The accuracy of detecting real, live users versus synthetic or fake identities increased, helping to combat the issue of deepfakes and other forms of identity fraud. Additionally, enhancements in user experience made the process of scanning and verifying biometrics more seamless and user-friendly, thereby improving overall user engagement and trust.

Evolution of BotBasher and Website Revamp

BotBasher, a key tool in the Humanode ecosystem, underwent several updates in 2023. These updates aimed at improving its functionality and integration with Discord, making it more efficient and user-friendly. 

Alongside the evolution of BotBasher, Humanode’s website also underwent significant revamping. The updated website provides more comprehensive information about Humanode’s technologies, partners, and the decentralized revolution it aims to lead. These enhancements made the website a more effective resource for users and potential partners to learn about and engage with Humanode.

Introduction of BioDeFi

Beyond these technological enhancements, 2023 also witnessed the groundbreaking introduction of BioDeFi, blending biometric technology with decentralized finance to redefine the DeFi landscape.

Explanation of BioDeFi and its On-Chain Biomapping Mechanism

Humanode introduced BioDeFi, a groundbreaking concept that blends biometric technology with decentralized finance (DeFi). BioDeFi is based on an on-chain biomapping mechanism. This mechanism utilizes cryptobiometric technology to encrypt and link facial biometric data to unique EVM addresses. The primary goal of BioDeFi is to establish a system where each participant's identity is distinct yet anonymized, ensuring that financial transactions and interactions are tied to verified human individuals, not pseudonymous or anonymous entities.

This approach marks a significant shift in the way identity and financial transactions are handled in the DeFi space. By using biometric data as a basis for identification, BioDeFi aims to create a more secure and fair ecosystem, where the identity of each participant is transparent and verifiable, yet private and secure.

Biometric-Based Nonlinear Liquidity Staking

A key innovation within the BioDeFi framework is the introduction of biometric-based Nonlinear Liquidity Staking. This staking model is designed as a countermeasure against the dominance of "whales" – individuals or entities that hold large amounts of cryptocurrency and can influence the market. In traditional staking models, these whales can disproportionately affect staking rewards and governance decisions, leading to an imbalance in the ecosystem.

The nonlinear liquidity staking model in BioDeFi, however, levels the playing field. It does so by ensuring that staking rewards and participation in governance are not solely based on the amount of tokens held, but also on the unique biometric identity of each participant. 

This system discourages the concentration of power and influence in the hands of a few, promoting a more democratic and equitable environment. It represents a novel approach in the DeFi space, aiming to create a more balanced and fair ecosystem where each participant has an equal opportunity to contribute and benefit.Key stats for Nonlinear Liquidity Staking include:

  • a TVL of $254,539.01
  • daily rewards of 14,400 WeHMND ($1726.23)
  • an APR range of 100% to 1000%
  • The liquidity depth, indicated by +2% at $5,326 and -2% at $5,310

Fostering a Vibrant Community

While BioDeFi signifies a leap in DeFi, Humanode's efforts in building a strong, engaged community cannot be overlooked. This community-centric approach has been pivotal in shaping the ecosystem.

Engaging Events and Contests

Humanode also placed a strong emphasis on community engagement, hosting a variety of events and contests that brought users together and showcased the ecosystem's unique capabilities.

  • Humanode Conference 2023 served as a platform for in-depth discussions on blockchain technology, featuring expert speakers, panel discussions, and interactive sessions. It was a key event for sharing knowledge, networking, and exploring the future directions of Humanode.
  • Throughout the year, Humanode organized several contests to engage its community creatively. This included a sticker pack contest, where participants designed Telegram stickers reflecting Humanode's ethos, and a photography contest that showcased artistic talent within the community. The "I am Human" graffiti contest encouraged artistic expression in urban environments, connecting the digital realm of blockchain with the physical world.
  • On-chain Biomapping Naming Contest and Humanode Sentinel Program: These initiatives further deepened community involvement. The naming contest allowed community members to contribute to the identity of the on-chain biomapping technology. Meanwhile, the Humanode Sentinel Program was an initiative for community support, fostering a sense of belonging and responsibility among members.

Democratic and Sybil-resistant Voting

One of the cornerstones of Humanode's community engagement in 2023 was the implementation of democratic and Sybil-resistant voting processes, facilitated by BotBasher. This tool played a crucial role in ensuring fair participation in various community-driven activities, including contests and decision-making processes.

  • BotBasher's Role in Voting: By verifying each participant as a unique individual, BotBasher effectively prevented duplicate or fraudulent votes, a common issue in online voting systems. This was particularly impactful in contests and events where community input was essential. The one-person = one-vote system upheld the principle of equal representation, ensuring that each community member had an equal say.
  • Impact on Community Decisions: The fair voting mechanism established by BotBasher contributed to a more transparent and equitable community environment. It allowed for genuine community-driven decisions, reflecting the collective will of Humanode's diverse user base.

Humanode's efforts in fostering a vibrant community in 2023 were multifaceted, encompassing engaging events, creative contests, and democratic participation mechanisms. These efforts made the community more active and showed that Humanode is dedicated to creating a system that is open to everyone, fair, and not controlled by just a few people.

Summing Up

As we have journeyed through the key developments of Humanode in 2023, it is clear that each milestone, from BotBasher to BioDeFi, has played a role in shaping a more inclusive and secure ecosystem.

In summary, 2023 was a year where Humanode not only achieved significant milestones but also fortified its vision for a decentralized and secure digital future. The outlook for the coming years is one of continued innovation, community growth, and a commitment to making the blockchain space more accessible, decentralized, secure, and equitable for all.