ScriptNetwork integrates Humanode's BotBasher for Sybil resistance

ScriptNetwork integrates Humanode's BotBasher for Sybil resistance

ScriptNetwork integrates Humanode’s BotBasher Rewind to a time when television was a simple affair: a family gathered around a bulky set, flipping through a handful of cable channels. Fast forward, and we entered the era of subscription overload, where content is scattered across numerous streaming platforms. But what if instead of paying, you got paid for watching television?

This is the innovative reality of Script Network. By launching a layer-1 open-source live TV platform, Script TV, it offers a unique 'watch-to-earn' feature, allowing users to earn rewards just for tuning in. This groundbreaking approach redefines video advertising in the crypto industry and integrates a fully decentralized video storage solution, significantly reducing costs for Web2 companies and simultaneously rewarding viewers.

Script Network's gamified reward structure further invites users to immerse themselves in content, enhancing their experience through on and off-chain GameFi elements. This viewer-rewarding model, coupled with a new take on crypto advertising, positions Script Network at the forefront of the digital entertainment revolution.

However, Script Network's revolutionary concept brings its challenges. The rewarding mechanism naturally attracts not only genuine viewers but also bounty hunters and potential Sybil attackers. This necessitates a system to sustain a community of authentic users.

Recognizing this, Script Network decided to integrate Humanode's BotBasher, a discord integration that adds a layer of security and authenticity to the community. By leveraging BotBasher's Sybil-resistant capabilities, Script Network ensures that rewards and opportunities are accessed by genuine participants, not bots or fake profiles. This integration is pivotal for maintaining the integrity of the 'watch-to-earn' model and safeguarding the community's authenticity. 

With a whopping 300K+ users and a presence in 300+ servers, adding Script Network to our BotBasher family feels like scoring the winning goal in overtime. Script Networks's discord community members can now obtain a Verified human role in its discord server, ensuring and proving that they are unique living individuals and not bots.

This integration means that every member, every vote, and every reward in the Script Network community is genuine and secure. Members can now get the “Verified human” role by simply going through a 15-second confidential facial scan without KYC to prove they are unique and living human beings.

Although this is not a requirement for those who just want to casually hang out in the Script Discord server, it will become a key for those looking to earn rewards, participate in whitelists, and more.

Here's how to get a ‘Humanode Verified’ role in Script's Discord:

1. In ScriptNetwork’s discord, Click on the server name and navigate to 'Linked Roles'.

  1. Select ‘Humanode Verified’
  1. Proceed by following the on-screen instructions to complete your face verification using a 15-second confidential facial scan (Note: No documents are needed, but make sure you are accessing from the Discord Account you want to verify!   Only one Discord account may be tied to your face!  If you tie a wrong account to your face, there is no turning back until the periodic BotBasher server reset when all data is wiped).
  1. Once done, the "Humanode Verified" role will be auto-assigned to you upon successful verification.

This integration represents more than a technological collaboration; it's a commitment to ensuring the Script Network community remains a hub for secure, authentic, and meaningful interactions. In a digital world where identities are often veiled, this initiative is a testament to trust and authenticity.

With this initial step, Humanode and Script Network plan to embark on a journey of close collaboration, exploring new horizons that will further secure and decentralize the Web3 space.

To celebrate this integration, we've launched a Galxe campaign where you can win a special OAT. Participate here.