Stick, Snap, and Share! Welcome to the Humanode Sticker Challenge

Stick, Snap, and Share! Welcome to the Humanode Sticker Challenge

Hello Humanode community members! 

You know, those big commercial banks and financial institutions? They represent the very heart of traditional finance—a world often slow to embrace change and innovation. Let's gently shake things up a bit by placing Humanode right there. It’s a fun, cheeky way to question the old ways and spark some good conversations about how finance could be different.

What’s the deal?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take the Humanode logo and plant it on the building of a commercial bank or a government financial institute (the closer to the main entrance the better ;))... somewhere in your city!

Who can participate? 

You can! Anyone, Anywhere, who's ready to make a statement.

Where to Play?

Globally! Any commercial bank or a government financial institution you can find can be your canvas.


The game is on! You have 3 weeks starting today. 

What's in it for you? 

How about a chance to dive into a pool of $2000 in $HMND? Not enough? Let's make it more exciting and double the treasure to $4000! Join 200 winners to share the prize pool equally. And a bonus $100 for the most daring entry! Hint: Choose a location closer to the main entrance or a spot that’s highly visible to people for a better chance to win. More influential the bank/institute, the better the chance to win  ;)) 

How do I participate? 

  • Grab your weapon – Download the Humanode logo sticker of your choice
  • Print it – Think of big but not billboard big (around 10x10 cm should do the trick)
  • Choose your battlefield – Look for any financial institution. Be it a bank, government building, or a Fintech company.
  • Snap and Share
    I.  Make a short video while slapping the sticker (you need to ensure the institution is visible in the video)
    II. Take a picture of the placed sticker zoomed out so that the building and institute’s logo/name are visible
    III. Upload the picture and video in a single post on X tagging @humanode_io with hashtags #humanode #stickerninja.
  • Claim your trophy – Submit the tweet link to Tide

Submit your entries by July 22nd, 2024!

* Disclaimer: Please ensure your participation adheres to the local laws and regulations.