The Humanode testnet — Sachiel — is live

The Humanode testnet — Sachiel — is live

[September 28th, 2021] Humanode, the world’s first blockchain project to utilize a consensus mechanism based on cryptobiometric identification, has announced the launch of their first-ever testnet — Sachiel.

Sachiel, which will be onboarding in batches of 50 people,  will be an Aura and Grandpa testnet based on those consensus modules of Substrate modified for biometric authentication.

The participants will be able to go through a biometric enrollment process and become human nodes, validate blocks, send transactions, and take part in the $100,000 anti-spoofing bounty program by Humanode partner, FaceTec.

MOZGIII, the lead developer for Humanode says that “we will be running a series of testnets for the next 8 to 9 months in order to find the current structural limitations, to temper the system, and to build a strong foundation that we hope will be able to support millions of users in the near future.  I know it is common for many testnets to start off by showing all of their bells and whistles, like transaction speed, gadgets, and a flashy UI/UX, but for us, that is something that will be addressed in the future, along with the community of testnet users that will assist in the building process”.

Sachiel will support Linux, MacOS, and Windows, in combination with iOS and Android, and the hardware requirements to join the testnet will not be high.

“Our main goal at this time is to test the network capacity, Sibyl resistance, liveness detection, and security, so testnet users will be required to participate in liveness detection once in every 72 hours” says Humanode co-founder, Victor.  “We will be doing extensive testing, and expect the network to initially go down quite a bit, and the user experience may also be stressful at the start, but the more people participate and get involved in the testnet, the stronger the system will grow, and the more rewarding it will be”.

Active testnet users will be given priority to become the first generation of human nodes once the mainnet launches in June, 2022.

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