Embracing Democracy in Discord - 1 Person 1 Vote Polls with BotBasher

Embracing Democracy in Discord - 1 Person 1 Vote Polls with BotBasher

Are you tired of messy and confusing polls in your Discord server? Have you ever found yourself questioning the integrity of your community's voting process, especially when the same person votes multiple times or users create multiple accounts just to skew the results? Well, you’re not alone! We’ve been there too.

With an overall spam rate of 13% on Discord, maintaining a spam-free server can be an incredibly challenging task. The difficulty arises from various factors such as manually identifying and banning spammers, verifying the authenticity of every new user joining through external campaigns, and the desire to have a large community—real or fake—to boost morale and maintain a thriving atmosphere among members.

As community managers, we've all faced situations where we try to find ways to make activities on our Discord server fair for everyone. For instance, when airdropping, we want everyone to have an equal chance, but sometimes people with multiple accounts and bots take over. Or when we have art contests, it doesn't feel fair for the real artists if someone uses multiple accounts to change the results. In the past, we've had to accept these outcomes, but now, things have changed for the better. There’s a solution!

If you have been on the lookout for solutions that ensure both fairness and a user-friendly experience on your discord polls, we have just the thing for you! BotBasher – a game-changing tool designed to ensure 1 Person 1 Vote (1p1v) sybil-resistant polls!

What is BotBasher?

BotBasher for Discord is an application that has been created utilizing the Humanode private biometric verification technology, allowing Discord users to verify that their account is owned by a unique living human being, and Discord servers to create Sybil-resistant channels, by limiting specified channels to verified human beings only.

Read more – https://blog.humanode.io/humanode-bot-basher-the-human-way-to-get-rid-of-bots/

The Power of One Person, One Vote

The cornerstone of democracy lies in the principle of one person, one vote. BotBasher brings this concept to life on Discord, ensuring that every user's voice is heard and valued. With a focus on fairness and transparency, this bot will create an environment where your community can come together to make decisions without any foul play. Using the 1p1v principle, BotBasher in combination with popular voting apps for Discord, ensures that each member of your community has a fair and equal opportunity to cast their vote in polls.

On the Humanode official community server, we've been using BotBasher's 1p1v feature for both fun and important decision-making activities. We hold community signaling polls to know community sentiments about a particular topic, it helps us make more informed decisions. For instance, we recently held a poll to determine if we should increase the number of validators receiving rewards. In this poll, 107 real community members took part and show what they want.

This gives everyone a fair chance to have their say in important decisions.

But that's not all! To motivate artists and creators to showcase their best work and earn rewards, we also select contest winners through 1p1v polls. For instance, we recently organized a Humanode Photo contest and asked verified humans to vote and pick the winners for each category.

This graph is generated by Votebot which we use to hold polls in our sybil resistant channels.

Pretty awesome, right? You can do the same to ensure fair contests on your Discord servers too! Setting up BotBasher on your server and verifying real community members is super easy.

BotBasher's intuitive interface makes it incredibly easy to use for both admins and users. Setting up the bot takes mere seconds, and with customizable options, you can tailor the experience to suit your community's preferences. Let me tell you how you can add the BotBasher on your server and conduct Sybil-resistant polls:

1. Include BotBasher in your server and tailor it to grant channel access only to verified members. At Humanode, we've established a separate Sybil Resistant category that can only be accessed by verified community members.

You can refer to this guide for setting up the BotBasher: https://gitbook.humanode.io/discord-integration/how-to-add-bot-basher-to-the-server

2. Tell the community members to get the verified role to become part of the decision-making channels. Members can refer to this guide to get a verified role: https://gitbook.humanode.io/guide-to-get-a-verified-role-for-individual-use/

3. Add the voting bot, you can find voting bots online. Here’s one that’s more popular: https://top.gg/bot/569936566965764126?s=074b1afd0159d

4. Conduct polls in the Sybil-resistant channels.

With BotBasher, your Discord polls will never be the same again. By ensuring a one-person, one-vote experience, your community will enjoy a transparent and fair voting process that's as fun as it is easy. So why wait? Transform your Discord server's voting experience with BotBasher. It's time to embrace a world of fair, engaging, and user-friendly polls. Don't let chaos reign in your community—BotBasher is here to make your 1p1v polling dreams a reality.

But why should you trust me?

Try it for yourself for free: https://botbasher.humanode.io/