BonusBlock integrates with Humanode BotBasher

BonusBlock integrates with Humanode BotBasher

Did you know that Web3 engagement platforms are rapidly outpacing traditional Web2 strategies? In the rapidly evolving world of Web3, where every connection counts, these platforms are not just succeeding; they're redefining engagement. But what makes them so compelling? They draw actual users in with interactive tasks offering tempting rewards.

Building upon this momentum, Humanode is excited to share our latest venture. We've partnered with BonusBlock, a rising star in the Web3 engagement arena. Together, we're set to bolster the integrity of Web3 ecosystems, ensuring Sybil resistance is at the forefront.

What is BonusBlock, you may ask? It is an engagement platform that's redefining on-chain user interactions for Web3 projects. In simple terms, it’s an engagement platform that allows Web3 projects to add onchain tasks in quests for the users. And that isn’t all, BonusBlock has some cool features as well. It stands out with its unique infrastructure. For instance, sending instant pop-up notifications to make it easier for the users to stay updated with the latest campaigns and activities.

Their impressive feat? With over 300,000 users, BonusBlock is swiftly becoming the preferred platform for projects seeking to grow their on-chain communities. Their collaboration with six blockchain networks including the likes of Polygon, BNB, and Archway, and ongoing integrations with nine more underlines BonusBlock's commitment to fostering a robust Web3 ecosystem.

For Web3 projects pouring funds into marketing but struggling to gain on-chain users, BonusBlock is the answer. The platform not only helps in acquiring on-chain users but also provides detailed analytics for a deeper insight into campaign effectiveness.

On the other side, Humanode is the first crypto-biometric network, providing unrivaled Sybil resistance through confidential facial recognition. With no need for KYC or personal data collection, users benefit from a swift, under-one-minute verification process. Our EVM-compatible Layer-1 foundation, built on the ethos of one person = one node = one vote, offers unparalleled trust to the Web3 universe.

Our Discord integration, BotBasher, is already enhancing this trust. It links one Discord account to one human, ensuring authenticity. Already compatible across platforms like Galxe, Zealy, and QuestN and with over 300K+ verified users on 300+ servers, BotBasher is redefining the concept of Sybil resistance in the Web3 realm. This collaboration with BonusBlock is primarily focused on the integration of BotBasher. This means as Web3 projects explore BonusBlock, they can add BotBasher to verify that people participating in the quests are unique living individuals.

One of our strategic partners EclipseFi is using BotBasher integration with BonusBlock for its recently launched referral program

Projects on BonusBlock like Polygon, Archway, and others can use BotBasher to add Sybil resistance to their campaigns.

In essence, our partnership with BonusBlock isn't just a collaboration; it's a step towards a more authentic, streamlined Web3 world. We're not just building a partnership; we're crafting the future of genuine Web3 connections.