Sybil-resistant whitelisting with Humanode BotBasher

Use BotBasher alongside most any whitelisting application for Discord and conduct the Sybil-resistant whitelisting in Discord.

Sybil-resistant whitelisting with Humanode BotBasher

In the world of crypto, blockchain projects, and often for NFT markets, whitelisting is a term that you hear quite often.  Many old-school folks might remember whitelisting and blacklisting IP addresses or email addresses so that your email box won’t get filled with advertisements and scam mail.  Well, it is similar in the world of crypto, blockchain, and NFT.  The term whitelist usually refers to a list of allowed and identified individuals, institutions, computer programs, or even cryptocurrency addresses, allowing those whitelisted to participate in ICOs, IDOs, NFT sales, or whitelisting withdrawal addresses for crypto wallets.

In general, the whole concept behind whitelisting is making sure that access is only given to those you want to give access to.

When you are talking about ICOs or IDOs on big exchanges or launchpads with plenty of financial backing, handling the KYC process along with compliance with privacy laws and other technicalities, it isn’t that big of a deal.  Yes, it is a hassle, but if you have the financial backing, you can hire professional firms to deal with those issues.

But say you were a small business, wanting to sell a limited edition of your new stuffed bear, or perhaps you want to mint a limited number of NFTs, and you want to create a whitelist so that you can draw 30 lucky winners who will get the opportunity to buy them?  What about limited edition giveaways?

Or, say, what if a project wants to do a special limited AMA with its community, or an artist wants to do a limited meet and greet with his or her fans, and perhaps you would want to give rewards to those who asked great questions?  

Even though you want to prevent Sybil Attacks by overzealous community members, bounty hunters, or fans who could use multiple accounts or bot armies to up their chances of “winning a slot”, you most likely wouldn’t want to have to deal with a tedious KYC process, pay third party services to do it for you, or for that matter, think about it at all.

This is where Humanode BotBasher for Discord can play a major role.  All you will need to do is use BotBasher alongside most any whitelisting application for Discord and conduct the whitelisting in the created Sybil-resistant channels.

BotBasher makes your Discord server Sybil-resistant by utilizing the Humanode private biometric verification technology, allowing Discord users to privately and securely verify that their account is owned by a unique living human being, and Discord servers to create Sybil-resistant channels, by limiting specified channels to verified human beings only!

Using BotBasher, users can get a verified human role on 1 user account after going through a 15-second confidential facial recognition session which proves they are a unique living human being. Once it’s done, the user can get the role of a verified human in any server that runs BotBasher, all they will need to do is go to the “linked role” tab on Discord and click a button to tie the certificate of a verified human to that server.

Once they get their linked role as a verified human, they will be able to access the “verified human only” (or Sybil-resistant) channels on the server.

The best part about this process is that neither the user, nor the server has to worry about the user’s privacy being compromised unless the user chooses to disclose their information. (after all, all the servers need to know, is that there is an actual unique human being that is alive behind the account, and has no need for the biometric data or data protected by privacy laws)  At the same time, as a user can only tie 1 account to their bio-authentication, the server can be assured that the verified human user is not a bot, a fake account, nor one of the many accounts a certain overzealous user has created.  

So what it all comes down to, is that with BotBasher, in combination with a whitelisting application, everyone involved can be assured that at the least, they are in a Sybil-resistant environment and will not have to go against a bot army or multitudes of fake accounts, thus making it fairer for all involved.

So, how do you get BotBasher set up on your server?  Well, it is actually quite simple.

1- Install BotBasher in your server and tailor it to grant channel access only to verified members.

You can refer to this guide for setting up the BotBasher:

2 - Tell the community members to get the verified role to join the Sybil-resistant whitelisting channels.

Members can refer to this guide to get a verified role:

3- Add the whitelisting bot. Here’s one that’s more popular.

4- Conduct whitelisting in the Sybil-resistant channels.

Naturally, by adding BotBasher, your server will become more than just great for whitelisting.  By creating Sybil-resistant channels, you can have bot-free chatrooms, hold Sybil-resistant 1 person 1 vote polling, Sybil-resistant contests, Sybil-resistant NFT minting, and more.

Sounds interesting? Then feel free to give BotBasher a try!  

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