Sei Network integrates Humanode BotBasher

Sei Network integrates Humanode BotBasher

Humanode is excited to announce that Sei Network has fully integrated Humanode BotBasher into its Discord server, and will be utilizing it across its entire ecosystem!

Sei is an open-source Layer 1 blockchain specialized for exchanges, optimizing every layer of the stack to offer infrastructure for trading apps of all types; from gaming to NFTs to DeFi. Leveraging a novel consensus and technical breakthroughs, Sei claims to be the fastest blockchain in existence with a lower bound of 300ms and an upper bound of 20,000 OPS that are being processed. The Sei ecosystem includes over 100 projects which include well-known projects like SushiSwap, Axelar, and Space ID.

Sei Lab’s Head of Ecosystem, Grover states, “As the Sei project approaches mainnet, the Atlantic-2 testnet has received unprecedented attention in the form of over 6 million wallets and tens of millions of network requests every day. The Sei Foundation simply wanted to find a way to discourage Sybil attackers who are spamming the network with tens of millions of requests every day. Humanode came recommended, and the overall experience was great, so the Foundation decided to go full BotBasher”.

Humanode Co-founder Victor notes, “Obviously, if a network as large as Sei wants to identify its real testnet users, rather than encourage a culture of multi accounts. By implementing Humanode BotBasher, the Sei Foundation has clearly demonstrated that it will not tolerate sybil attackers, and values the long-term health of its ecosystem. We are excited for Sei Network who have taken this step, and believe that this can be a game changer”.

BotBasher for Discord is an application that has been created utilizing the Humanode private biometric verification technology, allowing Discord users to privately and securely verify that their account is owned by a unique living human being.  Those who have been verified as humans will be able to tie one Discount user account to the verification, giving them a Discord role as a “verified human” (or in the case of the Sei network, a “Verified Seilor”). The whole process takes under 1 minute to complete, and as the verification is semi-permanent (not able to change unless there is a total server wipe and restart of the verification servers), users will only be able to access the Sybil-resistant content with that single user account.

As the BotBasher for Discord works alongside other popular Discord applications, the servers will be able to provide their users with Sybil-resistant voting (1 user, 1 vote), Sybil-resistant whitelisting, one person - one NFT mint, and more!

Sei Network currently utilizes BotBasher for creating human-gated channels (channels only accessible to verified humans only) on their Discord server.  At the same time, Blocked Protocol, which is a Web3 user engagement platform built on native scoring protocol, plans to verify their 1 million+ accounts with the help of Humanode crypto-biometric technology.

In the first month of its public beta release, BotBasher has already been installed in 75 Discord servers, and the user base consists of 50,000+ unique human beings. With the Sei ecosystem joining the league of Sybil-resistant servers using BotBasher, Humanode expects its user base to expand rapidly.

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