Sybil-resistant Quests on QuestN with BotBasher

Sybil-resistant Quests on QuestN with BotBasher

Imagine you've crafted a perfect do-to-earn contest for your community. You anticipate genuine participation, only to discover that a few individuals, armed with multiple accounts or bots, have swarmed in, taking a lion's share of the rewards. Real community members are left empty-handed, and the essence of your event is lost. What's happening here? Enter the world of Sybil attackers and bounty hunters.

Sounds familiar! This is true for almost every Web3 project. The Web3 industry, especially crypto, and Defi, is crowded with these attackers. If you face the same problem, read on to discover how you can get rid of Sybil attacks.

These groups mainly care about rewards, not projects. They cheat by making multiple accounts or using bots to get ahead in contests, airdrops, polls, whitelisting, and other campaigns. They try to take rewards that should go to real community members who truly support the project.

Many Web3 projects face Sybil attacks. Some think it's just a part of the game. But at Humanode, we wanted to find a solution. Being a Web3 startup, we've seen how these attackers ruin our events and quests. So, we developed Humanode BotBasher for Discord.

BotBasher is built using Humanode’s cryptobiometric technology, allowing Discord servers to assign a Sybil-resistant Human verified role to actual human users only. So far, more than 100 servers are utilizing BotBasher with 200K+ verified humans within just a quarter of its launch.

BotBasher works as a tool for projects to bring Sybil-resistance on their Discord servers as well as conducting Sybil-resistant whitelisting, Sybil-resistant airdrops, Sybil-resistant polls (1 user = 1 Vote), Sybil-resistant contests, and much more.

In this article, we’ll focus on How to create Sybil-resistant guests on QuestN. No matter whether you want to start a do-to-earn contest to boost community engagement, qualify members for whitelisting and airdrops, or gain new users, using BotBasher in QuestN you can ensure that unique verified humans are participating in your quests.

This will help you get genuine engagement, boosting your project’s growth as QuestN is known as a first stop to bridge Web2 users to Web3. Currently, QuestN has an active daily user base of more than 90K.

BotBasher brings Sybil resistance to your QuestN quests since QuestN natively supports discord roles. It does so by verifying that there is a unique and living human behind a Discord account and assigning them a Sybil-resistant role. No KYC or personal data collection is needed here. Discord users can privately and safely prove they are unique and real without sharing any personal details or worrying about their biometric data getting compromised.

Read Data Privacy and Protection in BotBasher for more information on How Biometric data is processed.

With BotBasher on QuestN quests, each person can only earn a reward once for each quest. Users can't cheat by using multiple accounts or bots, because they can only link one Discord account to their real identity through bio-authentication. Plus, once they get a verified role in one server, they can use that same verification on any other server that uses BotBasher.

This ensures your quests are Sybil-resistant, adding true worth to your project. For a firsthand look at its effectiveness, check out:

Now here comes the good part! We are going to learn how you can create Sybil-resistant quests on QuestN by integrating BotBasher into your Discord server. Do not worry, it is pretty simple and easy.

How to set up BotBasher and conduct Sybil-resistant Quests on QuestN?

  1. Add BotBasher to your Discord server.

2. Setup your community on QuestN and Create a quest

3. You can set up multiple tasks either on-chain, off-chain, custom tasks, or on socials as part of your quest. Having BotBasher together with other tasks means they will be protected from multi-accounts and Sybil attackers as well.

4. To include verifying humans as one of the tasks, Select Discord as an Entry and opt-in for the Discord role. And Enter details for your server and role.

5. Select Eligibility criteria and Finalize rewards.

Individual users can refer to this guide for verifying on Discord or better yet follow the steps explained here.

This is how your Quest will be displayed to the individual users.

Check out How it works in this quest that Humanode created for announcing BotBasher's partnership with QuestN.