Sybil-resistant quests on Zealy with BotBasher

Sybil-resistant quests on Zealy with BotBasher

For those operating a Web3 startup or managing its marketing, you have likely come across community engagement platforms like Zealy (formerly Crew3), Galxe, and Link3. These platforms totally shake up the traditional marketing playbook with gamified tasks. They help in engaging your users through a series of interactive tasks with tempting rewards up for grabs.

The gamifying strategy packs a bigger punch compared to traditional marketing. And that is why they are gaining popularity among the Web3 communities, resonating with project teams and users alike.

However, like with many technologies, there's always a segment of people who attempt to exploit the system for unfair gains. This is also true for the world of crypto, where we encounter 'bounty hunters' and ‘Sybil attackers’. These entities often show little genuine interest in the projects themselves but are keenly focused on the rewards. They Sybil attack projects by creating multiple accounts or utilizing bots to gain unfair advantages during contests, airdrops, community polls, whitelisting, and growth campaigns by creating multiple accounts or using automated bots. The aim is to pocket rewards that should rightfully go to dedicated community members and those genuinely interested in the projects.

Almost every Web3 project has come across the issue of Sybil attacks, and many have chosen to accept them as an unavoidable aspect of the landscape. But at Humanode, we believe in striving for better solutions. Being a Web3 startup committed to combating Sybil attacks on-chain, we've dealt with the challenge of defending our social communities and contests from Sybil attacks. This urged us to create a unique solution: the Humanode BotBasher for Discord.

BotBasher for Discord is an application created by utilizing the Humanode private biometric verification technology, allowing Discord users to verify that their account is owned by a unique living human being, and Discord servers to assign a Sybil-resistant role to the verified humans only.

So far, BotBasher is being utilized by over 65 servers and almost 100,000 verified humans within a month of its first beta version’s launch.

BotBasher works alongside other Discord applications providing servers with an innovative way to eradicate multiple accounts and bots ruining the community's growth activities. Projects can utilize BotBasher for conducting Sybil-resistant whitelisting, Sybil-resistant voting (1 user - 1 vote), Sybil-resistant airdrops, Sybil-resistant Galxe campaigns, and much more.

In this article, we’ll talk about How to use BotBasher for Sybil-resistant Quests on Zealy (formerly known as Crew3).  Zealy has a user base of 700,000 active monthly users who have successfully completed 100 million tasks so far.

BotBasher brings Sybil resistance to your Zealy quests as Zealy supports Discord roles natively. It does so by verifying that there is a unique and living human behind a Discord account and assigning them a Sybil-resistant role. There is no KYC or collecting personal information involved here. Discord users can conduct private and secure uniqueness and liveness checks over anonymized data, without revealing any private information or fear of having their biometric data hacked.

Read Data Privacy and Protection in BotBasher for more information on How Biometric data is processed.

By using BotBasher for the Zealy quests, you can ensure that one person gets one reward for completing one task. No one can use multiple accounts or employ bots to get rewards more than once since one user can only create one bio-authentication, meaning that the user can only tie one account to their physical identity. Also, getting a verified role in one server means they will be able to utilize that verification in every BotBasher-enabled Discord server.

This makes it swift and simple for projects to ensure that their Zealy quests are Sybil-resistant and bring real value to your project. To see a live Demo of How effective it is, you can check Humanode’s integration of BotBahser on Zealy as we launched the first-ever Sybil-resistant campaign on Zealy. It requires users to have a “Verified Human” role in our Discord server to complete particular tasks.

How to set up BotBasher and conduct Sybil-resistant Zealy Quests?

Using BotBasher with Zealy is quick and hassle-free. You can set up BotBasher in your Discord servers and start the campaign. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. Add BotBasher and ZealyBot to your Discord server.

2. Create your community on Zealy. Here’s a detailed guide on How to do it by Zealy.

3. Add your Discord server link to Zealy.

4. Set up your quests and Add a BotBasher-related Discord role as a condition that users must fulfill to unlock a quest.

Individual users can refer to this guide for verifying on Discord or better yet follow the steps explained here.

This is how your quest will be displayed to users when it’s locked:

Summing up

With seamless integration into platforms like Zealy, BotBasher guarantees a secure and sybil-resistant environment, making the community engagement experience more valuable for both the users and the project teams. Its initial success, with thousands of verified users and multiple servers implementing it, is a testament to its usefulness. It's expected that BotBasher's unique, secure, and user-friendly approach will redefine community engagement standards across the Web3 community growth ecosystem.